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 “It’s perfect. Fair play to you, the design and the marriage of the two brands looks brilliant. Sincere thanks for all your help.”

“Thanks Jonathan, that’s perfect and I confirm”

“Many thanks for the proof; that is perfect”

“Thank you very much, the ad is perfect”

“That is great, thanks… it is visible… perfect in relation to font size… go ahead please.

“Thanks so much for sending through the revision. I’ve got approval from our marketing people in Dublin that it’s in line with our branding so please go ahead.”

“The layout and design is fantastic, a major improvement. Many thanks.”

“It’s good to go, thanks!

“Many thanks for the speedy response. Spot on, cheers.”

“That’s great, thanks a million!”

“Both designs are approved, thanks for your help”

“Many thanks for these drawings, they are excellent”

“Many thanks for putting together the designs so quickly”

“Thanks, that is great. Approved and confirmed.”

“All the signs are perfect, we can go ahead”

“Got the go-ahead in this, looks good!”

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